Friday, May 26, 2006

cheap entertainment

My buddy Tom just sent me a link to this site. Click the "talk to me" link, then start typing in choice phrases for the nice lady to say. You can select what language to use (including English, French, and Korean), as well as what voice to speak the lines in (you can choose a US or UK English speaker). Curiously, the lady can be given a male voice. The speech tech isn't particularly evolved: the voices sound about like they do on the "speak text" function of a Macintosh, a feature that's been around for years.

I got the lady to say "Va te faire foutre, sale fils de pute" with a Québecois accent (male voice). She also uttered the immortal, "O Beauty, who dost betwixt thy fever'd buttocks my beleaguer'd skull embrace!" with a British accent. (Catherine's voice is best.)


(NB: Speaking of Macintoshes, Charles sent me a link to this parody of those Mac commercials. I know about the commercials only because they appear on's main page.)


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