Thursday, May 18, 2006

the good sort of rumor

A beautiful Korean coworker of mine, WS, is getting married this weekend. Another Korean coworker in our office, EG, told me that she and WS had discussed me at one point and they both concluded that I would make "the perfect husband and father." I told EG that it's always nice to find out someone is saying good things about you behind your back.

At the same time, this revelation gave rise to mixed feelings. Many months ago, I had contemplated asking WS out, but had hesitated over the whole "coworker thing," in large part because of my previous nasty experience, which had been with a coworker. Then I found out that WS was getting married-- something she announced quite suddenly one day, without ever having alluded to it during the time I've known her. At that point, I thought it might be in exceedingly poor taste to ask out someone on the marriage track.

The stress of WS's upcoming wedding has caused her to say some interesting things in the office. I've had time to realize that, had we dated, things would not have worked out well. I suspect WS is a lot like a lady I know in the States: a fun lunch companion and maybe a good friend, but not the kind of person with whom I could grow old comfortably. That's not a dig against WS: I'm sure she's at least theoretically compatible with some guy (hopefully that guy is her fiancé), but she's not my type. Or so says my intellect, because my body says otherwise: WS looked quite fetching today in a new one-piece skirt.



Jelly said...
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Jelly said...

It's good people are saying nice things about you! I think you'd make a good husband and father,...and it'd be interesting to see your poop focus shift from bowl to diaper. I have a serious question, though. What's a "one-piece skirt?" (Which begs the questions of what two and three piece skirts are.)

Anonymous said...

Well, ask them if they have a friend who's into theology and scatalogical humour.