Friday, May 19, 2006

postal scrotum: EFL Geek

I've been asked to relay the following info, sent to me by EFL Geek:


I was hoping that you would help me promote a new project. I've decided that I need more and better quality listening and the best way to do that is via podcasts (exactly what I tell my students) however there aren't any podcasts designed for Korean language Learners such as this one for Chinese Learners.

Basically I am willing to host, design, and purchase a domain for a site similar to Chinese Pod, however I need to find people with Korean skills (foreign or Korean) to help out with the production end. I'll even provide training on how to record the podcast on ones home PC. I've provided a few more details on a blog entry at [LINK] and was hoping you could post something on your blog about this or in some way help out.

I'm looking to start building and designing the site after the current university semester finishes.

Thank you for your time,

EFL Geek


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Sean said...


I thought I would mention that I have started a new EFL & ESL Wiki over at my site. It's fully integrated with my blog and forums requiring only one login to use. commenting on blog entries still does not require login.

I am looking forward to contributions by yourself and if you could post a little promo on your blog I would be very grateful. Sorry for the off-topic comment (well sort of off-topic).

EFL Geek