Wednesday, May 17, 2006


A special note of thanks to MKL, a gent who doesn't even know me. After reading my blog entry on the subject, M has decided-- purely out of the goodness of his heart-- to mail me an extra copy of Mac's OS 9.2 system software. This kicks ass in more than the standard three dimensions. Very soon, I'll be able to access my scanner and camera software, with the added benefit of doing so without having to restart my computer every time I need to switch OSes.


I'm impressed by the generosity of people around me. Many moons ago, Sperwer gave me some of his disposable contact lenses after he'd read about how one of my lenses had ripped. Various readers have chimed in with encouragement during my many periods of sickness, while others have sent various gross videos and shit-related links my way. I've also been peppered with intelligent questions about religion (not all of which I've answered, I realize). And along with those good folks are people like Joel and the Nomad, both of whom have sent me fantastic victuals (peanut brittle and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, respectively; I happily overdosed on both).

The universe is, at least for the moment, congenial to my existence. Reason enough to be thankful.


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