Saturday, May 27, 2006

my first-ever LiNK symposium!

I'll be on Smoo campus today for the LiNK symposium mentioned by the Yangban in this post at the Marmot's Hole. If you're going, look for the large, fat half-Korean. Easy to spot. Lots of pics on this blog to help you out.

The meeting's at 4:30 today, Smoo Centennial Hall, Room 503.

I'll be toting a backpack containing copies of my book, Scary Spasms in Hairy Chasms (whence the title of this, Ye Olde Blogge). I won't be announcing that I'm selling the book. Bad marketing, I know, but I'm not sure I'd be doing the right thing if I started shouting that I had books of dirty humor for sale during a symposium about oppression and starvation. Let's just say that I'll be lighting a candle of capitalism in the midst of quasi-Stalinist darkness.

See you there. W10,000 a copy. Sssshhhhh.


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