Thursday, May 11, 2006

watch those dangling modifiers

An AP article (found via Drudge) about researchers who have developed a way to synthesize crude oil from pig excrement yields this ungrammatical monstrosity:

Like most farmers, much of the manure from Dumoulin's hogs winds up as fertilizer.

The doomsayers are right: America is a scary, fucked-up country. We won't hesitate to turn our farmers into fertilizer once they've outlived their usefulness. This is the true meaning of Social Security.

Language quibbles aside, I think you'll find the article interesting. I support all research that makes us less dependent on other countries for fuel.



Maven said...

One man's fertilizer is another man's Soylent Green.


The Maximum Leader said...

Damn! My comment's been stolen...

Anonymous said...

Intersting idea, horribly written article. The first two sentences made me twitch uncontrollably. Is that what it means to be a journalist these days?