Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ave, Maven!

The Maven sends me this magnificent link, which I understand has been making the rounds on the Net (my colleague informs me that this has appeared on Boingboing).

The link is to a music video that splices clips from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings together to create... well, a new story. One that includes a strange-yet-compelling "Yoda vs. Gandalf" battle. It also features Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford gettin' down to da beat, quite against their will. The part that makes me laugh the hardest, though, is a short sequence in which various characters simply... trade strange looks. This includes Darth Vader.




Anonymous said...

I think there is an extensive interrelationship between the two works. For example, a number of Tolkien's typographical scenes seem to be reflected in the Star Wars movies. I've also found some similarities between the Star Wars movies and Tolkien art calendars, and even the Tolkien movies. I remember thinking at one point that one or two of the Tolkien movies also seemed to be influenced by the Star Wars movies.

Sean said...

Download wouldn't work for me so I searched youtube and found it.

going to watch now.

Kevin Kim said...

EFL Geek,

The download was very strange on my PC at the office; nothing seemed to be happening for a very long time. Eventually, the vid started of its own accord. Thanks for the alternate link.