Thursday, May 25, 2006

K Scene writeup?

My buddy Tom tells me that my blog is one of many Koreablogs mentioned in the latest edition of the free magazine K Scene. My thanks to whoever did the writeup, but be advised that my blog probably doesn't count as a true Koreablog. Just as Koreans have trouble seeing or acknowledging anything Korean about me, your loyal half-breed, so it goes with my blog, a Frankensteinian monstrosity that remains true to its original, hard-to-classify, "shitting all over the place" spirit.

I'll be curious to see how many of my Smoo students pick up K Scene and find this blog. At a guess, none. I've found most English students remarkably incurious about the anglophone world, both in print and online. That's not a reference to the Hermit Kingdom mentality: most of us expats are the same way about the rich and thriving Korean internet. I rarely dip into it myself, and should probably make more of an effort to do so.


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Anonymous said...

It was a story about Expats Blogging about Korea, I think yours fits, Nomad, Marmot, GI Korea, Joel, even Yangpa and some others were all mentioned. I always enjoy your Blog