Wednesday, May 17, 2006

blogging from home again

I'm only now beginning to realize the many little conveniences I've lost since my hard drive crashed (I've still got its rotting corpse), but it's nice to be able to blog from home again. Blogging from the office sucks.

There's still a lot to do, in terms of programs to be reinstalled. I have yet to check and reconfigure my printer connection, and I still need to cough up the money to buy OS 9.2 in order to run my scanner and camera software. I'll work on these issues in the coming days. The essential thing is that the Hairy Chasms are once again pooting away from home.



Anonymous said...

It would probably be a better investment to buy a new scanner and digi camera. No use buying obsolete software for a practically obsolete camera... scanner isn't that old but you can find good, cheap ones out there. Especially since they're all USB universal now.preppin

The Maximum Leader said...

Do you not have a backup of your OS on disk? Why buy a new one? Licence agreements generally allow you to migrate from one hard drive to another...

Unless this is one of those "quirky" Apple things.

Kevin Kim said...

Anonymous preppin',

I might get a new digicam anyway, simply because my current one is so old and the software so outdated. The scanner, on the other hand, is, as you know, a fantastic Canon that can probably last for years. I'd hate to toss it. The problem is obtaining the OSX-compatible software. I tried to download it from online, but the download didn't work at all. That's frustrating.

I'd buy the requisite software here in Korea, but hardware and software here tend to be more expensive than in the States-- a choice irony, given how much of a technological power Korea is.

Maximum Leader,

Yes; I've got several CD-ROMs for installation; that's how I got myself up and running.