Thursday, May 25, 2006

s'more report

Don't try it. I had damn good graham crackers, those excellent bakery-made marshmallows, and some decent Swiss chocolate. Somehow, it didn't come together. Might've been the culinary version of the problem plaguing all-star teams, where each player is too busy trying for his own glory, and there's no focus on actual teamwork.

The s'mores didn't gel tonight. I might try again, much later, with more modest ingredients to test my theory. S'mores are, first and foremost, camp food, so their preparation should be appropriately lowbrow.


1 comment:

Maven said...

Not sure if this helps; however, "Peeps" make fabulous S'mores.

If need be, I can send some to you if they are unavailable in Korea. Lemme know.