Thursday, May 25, 2006

s'more report

Don't try it. I had damn good graham crackers, those excellent bakery-made marshmallows, and some decent Swiss chocolate. Somehow, it didn't come together. Might've been the culinary version of the problem plaguing all-star teams, where each player is too busy trying for his own glory, and there's no focus on actual teamwork.

The s'mores didn't gel tonight. I might try again, much later, with more modest ingredients to test my theory. S'mores are, first and foremost, camp food, so their preparation should be appropriately lowbrow.



kangmi said...

Have you considered making your own marshmallows? I haven't used this recipe, but it's similar to one that I have used.

Of all the ingredients, I expect that the gelatin and corn syrup would be the difficult ones to find, but that's based on my now 10-year-old experience.

If you've got an electric mixer, great. If not, I remember managing quite well without one.

Maven said...

Not sure if this helps; however, "Peeps" make fabulous S'mores.

If need be, I can send some to you if they are unavailable in Korea. Lemme know.