Tuesday, May 29, 2007

advice for you WordPress folks

Those of you who blog with WordPress, please do me a favor: visit this site, and enable the changes so that my dashes (well, double hyphens) aren't converted into single hyphens when I leave comments on your blogs. The guy talks about "em dashes" on his blog, but I think he's mistaken. See this article for more on the various species of dashes.

Gracias. And spread the word. WordPress looks like a good platform, but it's got a few annoying quirks, and the dash/hyphen problem is one of them. As often happens with MS software, WordPress sometimes tries to do your thinking for you. I resent that.


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Lorianne said...

I recently migrated to WP because of the blog-death of my old site. (The mass email I sent to this effect probably got caught in your spam filter.) I have NO IDEA how to make this change: I think (?) you have to have a paid WP account to do that sort of customization, and part of the reason why I chose WP is because I don't have the tech savvy to customize my own site. So I guess you'll have to put up with dash/hyphen hell when commenting on "off the rack" WP blogs like mine.