Friday, May 04, 2007

for my brother David

My wacky brother David is going in for a double hernia operation today (May 4). He asked me to put up the following "Get Well" card image on his behalf:

I heard from Dad that David wants to hit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg* with me when I'm back in the States in June. I told David that I don't want his guts to shoot out of his asshole like roadkill innards when we take a high-gee turn on a roller coaster and burst his stitches. David's had an inguinal hernia for three years, you see; it hasn't been painful for most of that time, but recently became a problem.

The operation David is going to have is minimally invasive,** which reassures his big brother. My buddy Tom, who says he went through a similar operation years ago, tells me that all will be well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. What timing, to schedule the operation on Mom's birthday!

Anyway, good luck, David! I love you! Be careful once you're out of the OR!

*For those who don't know, Busch Gardens is a large amusement park known for its tall, fast roller coasters. A couple years back, I went there with my brothers to conquer my fear of roller coasters, and ended up having a great time. No more fear. It's one of the few truly fundamental changes I've made in myself since... oh, since elementary school.

**An image of what's in store for David is here.


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