Tuesday, May 22, 2007

grading time

The semester is winding down; we're in the final two weeks. We have the day off today, as it's Founder's Day for our university (ch'ang-hak gi-nyeom il), but after I finish my current bout of laundry, I'll be lumbering over to the office to do some test rating. I should have gone there this morning, but couldn't find the willpower to wake up early and make the trip. I was also up rather late last night, which isn't typical for a weekday; I normally have to wake up around 6:30am.

Final exams are coming up, and along with exam prep, I have to do my usual jjong-party prep. I'm going to have to keep it frugal this time around; now that our payday has changed, this upcoming payday is the only money I'll have when I go to the States on June 5th. Thank goodness for the million-won bonus that came with the end of my second contract back in April; that entire bonus, plus another $250, went into my plane ticket. I'm planning to hit Europe in December and won't have a bonus to rely on then; instead, I'm going to have to save like a maniac.

But first things first. Laundry. Test rating. One day at a time.

*I had been hoping to be paid mid-month, as had been the case, but payday has switched to the 25th of the month, which is useless to me in the States, as I'll be leaving the US on June 25th.


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