Saturday, May 19, 2007

gate gate paragate

I've deactivated my Facebook account. I'd like to delete the account, actually, but I didn't see the delete option.

Facebook seems like an interesting idea if you're all about slapping up pictures instead of spending time blogging. It's the forum of choice for many teens and 20-somethings. I enjoyed certain aspects of it, but not others. It was cool, for example, that you were given "wall" space on which to write comments, but those comments couldn't be edited if you found mistakes. I also had trouble when I tried putting my book up in the Facebook Marketplace; the Marketplace software rounded up my book's price from $21.95 to an even $22, and wasn't very helpful when I tried putting up pictures of the book's front and back cover.

Call me an old, crotchety fart, but Facebook simply isn't something I need. I spend enough time maintaining this blog, and I can slap pictures up here.

Annika's lovely blog is about to kick the bucket as well; Annika's studying for the bar exam and says she has been thinking about quitting the blogging life for a while. Check her blog out before it goes dead sometime in the next 48 hours. With one less readable conservative on my sidebar, my sidebar slides a wee bit closer to the left.

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kwandongbrian said...

This is one of your most thought provoking posts: Am I a leftie?

I am left-handed.

I am non-religious and possibly anti-religion. I am for open government but not neccessarily for big or small government.

I am not American but I support the ideals of the ACLU and I often disagree with ROKDrop and he is definitely a rightie.

It's not that I disapprove of your categorization. Perhaps I am impressed with your perceptivity.

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Me a rightie? Well, I am basically righthanded, but I used to be able to shoot a basketball with my left hand.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Sean said...

I'm not particularly politically active or aware. This means that I don't really know if I am left, right, or moderate.

slightly embarrassed to admit that.

Jelly said...

You might think I'm an idiot that at this age I don't even KNOW what is left or right.
Current events, though - whichever Jerry Falwell was, I'd consider myself the opposite. Is that left?

Jelly said...

By the way, I think John at Long Time Gone, is quite strong in his political opinions. He's either a strong left or a strong right - maybe he could tell you. I'll google things this weekend so I know which is which.

Malcolm Pollack said...

Hi Kevin,

I'll join Jeffery in wondering how well the shoe fits.

I'm scattered all over the map, politically, on an issue-by-issue basis. I'm certainly conservative on some topics - I do think there is much worth conserving, and like many conservatives I take a "crooked-timber" view of mankind, and am deeply leery of utopian social-engineering schemes - but like Jeffery, I am "non-religious and possibly anti-religion". I take a libertarian stance on most of the issues of personal freedom on which we are so piously lectured by the Right, and I am quite deeply concerned about our stewardship of the environment.

I suppose I'd rather hang with the the Righties than the Lefties group, on balance, but there's bound to be friction either way.

John McCrarey said...

No need to Google (in fact, don't because I can't believe some of the crap I've written).

I never voted for a Republican for president in my life. Until 2004. I'm a single issue voter these days. And that issue is national security. Being in DC on 9/11/01 has a way of changing your perspective.

I don't think my values and ideals have changed much. I have always believed in freedom and democracy and it used to be the Democrats who spoke out against oppression and human rights abuses. Now, we have the left calling Bush a fascist while turning a blind eye to the abuses of the madman in Iran. How can you be in favor of women's rights, gay rights, etc., and ignore the fact that rape victims are punished and gay people are executed? Why was it ok to ignore the documented mass murder of Saddam, but blame the US for trying to put things right with a substantially lower loss of life?

Anyway, it is clear to me that the Islamic fascists will not be satisfied with anything short of the destruction of the freedoms I hold dear. Appeasement will work no better now than it did in the 1930's. They hate us not for what we have done in the world, but for what we are. I don't want to see my granddaughter in a burka, so I guess these days that puts me on the right. And in the right as well.

Mike said...

Thanks for an earlier link to my blog during the VT Story. As for "The Final Cut" we are definately to the right....

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Malcolm, you probably meant "kwandongbrian" rather than me, but I like to think of myself as standing firmly on the ground of reality -- with one left and one right foot (though I seem to be right-footed).

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Malcolm Pollack said...

Hi Jeffery,

Quite right - I was reading the wrong party's comment. Apologies all round.


kwandongbrian said...

That's all right, then.

Anonymous said...

Who knows where my droppings lie on the political spectrum, but I'll tell you this...

I'm always right.

Anonymous said...

You left at the Marmot - that's like taking stock of the solar system and leaving out the Sun...

Kevin Kim said...


"You left [out] the Marmot"

Whoa, I sure did!

Big-time rightie, for sure.