Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ave, Mike!

My buddy Mike at Naked Villainy has posted an interesting piece on "London tarts." Mike excerpts from an old, 1790 edition of a publication called a Harris guide, in which could be found blurbs describing the virtues of various, uh, escorts. Example:

MISS NUNN. No 15 Compton Street.

If carroty locks create lewdness (as is believed by some), we need not wonder at this lass's fire; she is so amply stored with it both above and below.

During your engagement you should be particularly cautious, just at the coming of the heat, not to suffer her teeth to come in contact with any tender part.

We have known a case where a gentleman lost part of his tongue upon the occasion.

The above is deliciously amibiguous. Fire, or lewdness, is associated with red hair in the above entry; the remark about "above and below" could refer to sexual fervor and/or to... hair. Namely, The Hair Down There.

All hail redheads!

Go visit Naked Villainy (the blog's name was never more apropos than now) and read the rest of Mike's entry.

Heh. "Entry."

I love English. What a delightfully filthy language.


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