Saturday, May 12, 2007

a bit better this morning

The stomach seems to have settled down from whatever had been ailing it all day yesterday. That's reassuring. I had planned on a Namsan hike in the evening, but ended up not going. Instead, I'll be hitting the gym today. I talked with the front desk girl on Tuesday about why the gym had been closed last Saturday, and she said that last Saturday was Children's Day, a national holiday. I'd forgotten about that.

[NB: For those who don't know: Children's Day is the day when Korean parents toss their extra kids into the lion pit at the local zoo so as to guarantee a good harvest for the farmers later in the year.]

I had promised a more detailed telling of the Tale of Asshole Woe, but there really isn't much to tell. My innards spent a lot of time bubbling and/or making me queasy, and I went to the bathroom several times from morning to early afternoon. That's really about it. I either ate or drank something disagreeable on Thursday night, but I can't fathom what that might have been.


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Anonymous said...

Still lookin' - bookin' - for pictures of toilet bubblies