Saturday, May 19, 2007

BSG Season 4 predictions

I slapped these BSG predictions up on my Facebook account (which I'm taking down soon, possibly this weekend; the experiment is over), but wanted to place them here so everyone can see, later on, whether I've made an ass of myself or am clairvoyant.

Here we go:

1. Starbuck is not the final Cylon.

2. Earth, when found, will not be the present-day Earth. That would be way too awkward: how to explain the near-exact parallel evolution of two cultures (Colonial and North American) separated by so much time and space? No: I suspect we will see an "alternate Earth."

3. The Adama-Tigh friendship will end in either a murder or a suicide. Most obvious bet is Tigh killing himself out of self-hatred. That's why I'm betting Adama will surprise us all by losing it and killing himself at or near the end of the story. That, or he'll murder Tigh.

4. Some Cylons will become humanity's permanent friends as the fracturing of Cylon culture continues.

5. As a result, the Cylon issue will not be resolved by the end of the series: you can't commit genocide against friends. Cylons will be with us forever.

6. Hocus-pocus mysticism will become even more annoyingly prevalent, and the series will lose all credibility with me.

What I'd love to see is that the beings in the BSG universe are all simply pixels in an even greater mind, one that thinks the same thoughts over and over, thereby explaining the human and Cylon belief in eternal recurrence. What if, in the end, it turned out that everyone was a Cylon?


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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I must say that I think Baltar will, by series' end, be a hero. Either he will sacrifice himself for the greater good or, as has been hinted, play an essential role (again) in finding earth.

To me, he's the most interesting character and quite possibly the show's ultimate central focus.