Thursday, May 24, 2007

dharma talk

If you've never had the chance to listen to Hyeon Gak sunim give a dharma talk, take heart! I found an interesting link to a series of videos in which Hyeon Gak lectures on the Diamond Sutra. Here's one video. Enjoy.

NB: Hyeon Gak's lecture is primarily in English, but he does break into short bursts of Korean to accommodate Korean members of the audience. You'll also notice that his English is deliberately "dumbed down" for the same audience. Maybe we should consider such dumbing-down an example of upaya (skillful/expedient means). Heh. In the EFL/ESL field, it's generally frowned upon to talk to one's students in broken English, as the object of the game is to teach them proper English (they already speak the broken version!). But this was a dharma talk, not English class, so I'm not going to give the monk a hard time.


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Sperwer said...

Here's a link to the first of a couple of pages with links to each lecture in the series: