Monday, May 07, 2007

the card

I walked into my dormitory a bit late this evening and spied an envelope jutting out of the slot of my mailbox. I plucked out the envelope and saw my father's handwriting on it. The envelope felt as though it contained a card, so after I got into my room, I opened it up and-- sure enough-- a card!

The card depicts a little blond kid, maybe two or possibly three years old, sitting precariously on a full-sized toilet with a look of utmost discomfort on his face. The text above his head says, "Congratulations...", and when you flip the card open, the interior text reads:

"...on making a big splash!"

I was touched. Dad had written a little note within, congratulating me on having gotten Water from a Skull off the ground.

Thanks, guys. I love you.


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