Thursday, May 03, 2007

Smoo's little gym

The Smoo gym is in the next building over from mine, which is quite convenient. The facilities are rather small, but there's everything a growing boy needs. Today's workout included thirty minutes on that Nordic Trak thingie (tension level: 1); one of my students happened into the gym while I was sweating away. She was surprised to see me, and wished me, "Fighting!", the Konglish way to say, "You go, boy!" or "Break a leg!"

I burned over 200 calories doing 10km on the Nordic Trak. I also did a very limited circuit of the weight machines-- lat bar, pullover bar, and upright chest press. I'm going to start some free weights along with that soon, but I'm so out of shape that my arms shake too much for proper form right now.

I'm thinking about doubling up on gym runs and Namsan hikes, but knowing me, that won't last. I think it's best just to alternate gym and Namsan days, because Namsan takes up about two hours' time all by itself.

Last week's and this week's weigh-in results will go up later today; I've been neglectful. I'll save you the suspense: things could be better.

On a positive note: my students have been pretty good with their attendance, so I haven't had more than a couple days' worth of "Gandhi dieting." Can't say that's affected my weight at all; a single missed day doesn't really register on my frame.


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Anonymous said...

A single missed year doesn't register on my frame. I've gotta miss a decade or tew.