Saturday, May 05, 2007

update on my brother and family life

I had tried to call my folks yesterday evening around 8pm, which is 7am DC time, but they weren't home. It turns out they had left the house a little after 4am to get my little brother David to the hospital for his hernia operation. David had worked a long shift at his DC nightclub (he works a full-time office job with a PR firm and works nights and weekends at this club), so he had no sleep before the operation, which occurred around 6am.

According to Mom and Dad, David spent a few extra hours at the hospital because he was vomiting so much after the operation-- more than normal. The parents conjecture that this is related to his lack of sleep. David'll be getting plenty of down time now, though: he's been told to rest for two weeks. Poor guy needs it.

Mom's excited about having me go and do some interviews with the local Korea Times in northern Virginia (I think they're based in NoVA). She's got a ton of ideas on how and where to help me promote the book, most of which are related to the Korean community, but we might also be scheduling a couple book signings at the local Barnes and Noble stores, Borders Books, coffee houses, and other such places. I seriously doubt I can take too much time off to do these things; I didn't book a trip home simply to jet around from one signing to another. Mom was also thinking I might need to move my travel dates to Texas, but I'm going to insist upon keeping the June 6-9 dates, as I wasn't able to go to Texas for Uncle Ed's funeral, and consider this trip a top priority.

So that's where we stand on Saturday morning, May 5, 2007. I've got a trip to the gym, laundry, a haircut, and a possible viewing of "Spider-Man 3" on my plate for today.

More gnus as they happen.


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Anonymous said...

Glad all is well with your brother. Around Xmas time, my sister underwent surgery for a hernia (not sure what the term is called for the type she had), which was the result of something gone amiss after her gall bladder removal a year or two earlier. From what I hear the recovery time for something like this can vary from patient to patient, and my sister is still somewhat "tender" all these months later...