Thursday, August 30, 2007

blogrolled at last!

Idiots' Collective finally lands on my sidebar. Welcome aboard. Sorry I stole your pic, Aaron, but it seems apropos. "Idiot" calls to mind some sort of herd animal, as does "collective." This makes me wonder a bit at the choice of blog title, since the blog strikes me as individualistic in tone and not at all idiotic. Am I just slow to pick up on irony? Who's the real idiot here?


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Aaron said...

Thanks for that glowing pictorial endorsement.

In answer the your question, the title of the site actually comes from a misheard song lyric, but it nonetheless seemed an appropriate title for my site. Human society, I'm sure we can agree, has its fair share of idiotic and collective tendencies and idiots' collective is my way of making sense of the nonsense at hand. And, as it happens, I often feel like an ill-informed dunce in this world, making the title all the more apt.

I also figure that, should I ever find any other writers for the site, we could have an collective of idiots commenting on the idiots' collective of society.