Sunday, August 26, 2007

fond recollections

Remember what it was like to be a child? How fondly I remember those carefree elementary school days-- playing childhood games like "Sniff My Festering Wound" and "Punch My Dick Without Hitting My Balls." As we kids grew older, the games began to reflect our budding pubescent tendencies: "Honk the Boob," "Crack the Butt," and "Tongue the Camel Toe" were perennial favorites, though perhaps not all that well appreciated by the fairer sex. With the teenage years, boredom and alcohol gave rise to games like "Electrocute the Puppy," "Vein or Tendon? Scalpel!" and "How Deep Inside Can This Bottle Go?" Hell, even college had its share of laughs, what with "Vomit Tennis" and "This Chunk Proves It's Not My Diarrhea!" being all the rage. College girls, as I recall, really got into "Who's the Father?" and "Why Am I Scratching?"

Ah, to be young again.



Anonymous said...


Preppin' HATTE!

Anonymous said...

"This Chunk Proves It's Not My Diarrhea!"

Kevin, I'm unsettled by this. Are we related???????