Sunday, August 19, 2007

wanna know what rocks?

I didn't go to the office; couldn't bring myself to. Instead, I went on a shopping errand, and bought myself materials for sandwiches and salads. I just made a salad that was supposed to have a baby spinach base, but which used leaves from a Korean ssam variety pack instead. These are the leaves you'd normally use like taco shells when eating certain meat dishes-- you lay a leaf or two on your palm, pile on meat, vegetables, and spicy sauce, then wrap the whole thing up and stuff the Korean taco into your waiting mouf.

So I had ssam leaves as a base for my salad. I had bought some almonds, so I semi-pulverized them in my hand blender, fried them in a tiny bit of salt and oil to get that roasted almond flavor, let them cool down, and sprinkled some onto the greens. I crumbled some bleu cheese onto that, and topped the mess off with a homemade strawberry vinaigrette-- a variant of this recipe, which I'd found earlier today while waiting for my laundry to percolate.

Check this post again in a couple hours; I'm going to have a photo of the salad for you, though this time around I'll be adding some extra veggies. Damn, that was good. So simple, too.


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