Thursday, August 16, 2007

one frustration with comment moderation

When I'm moderating comments on Blogger, one problem I have is that I don't always know which post a comment is going to. Because my main Blogspot page doesn't show any comment counters under the posts, I have to look at the counters in my Blogger edit window to see which numbers might have changed recently. In a sense, I've shot myself in the foot by sticking to this antiquated template (no visible comment counters), but the way Blogger handles comment moderation isn't my fault, and it leaves much to be desired. At the very least, I should be able to see where a comment is being appended before I append it.

Overall, though, I've been happy with Blogger, especially since its takeover by Google. It's been remarkably stable, and the most recent hitch (you'll recall I complained about being unable to search for my own posts inside the edit window) has finally been worked out. I had pondered making the switch to a paid service, but my needs are modest and it doesn't seem worth the trouble. Given the trouble some people go through when their paid services switch to newer versions, I think I'm doing just fine.


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