Sunday, August 26, 2007

I don't get it

I mentioned that I would try reactivating my Facebook account with an eye toward using it for the upcoming walk. So I logged on and received an email saying:

You recently tried to log into your deactivated account. To reactivate your account, follow the link below:


(If clicking on the link doesn't work, try copying and pasting it into your browser.)

If you did not try to reactivate your account, please disregard this message.

Please contact with any questions.


The Facebook Team

So I clicked the link they gave me and was taken to a "cell phone confirmation" screen, which has to be one of the dumbest ideas I've seen: what if you don't have a cell phone? No matter-- I clicked "South Korea" on the drop-down menu, typed in my ten-digit cell phone number, and clicked the "Confirm" button. The idea, apparently, is that Facebook sends you a confirmation code via text message.


So I tried the procedure again, this time subtracting the initial zero from my phone number.


In the meantime, it seems I'm able to access my Facebook profile, leave messages on other people's "walls" (as I just did with my brother David), and so on.

So am I reactivated or what? I'm going to send a message to the Facebook team asking what the hell is going on, and whether they might consider changing their confirmation procedure to something not cell phone-centered.



Jelly said...

I spy you on Facebook! Looks like you're reactivated!

Anonymous said...

Naver has a similar process for registering new e-mail accounts for foreigners. Still having issues.

ZenKimchi said...

Mention if you hear anything productive from them. I haven't been able to get the cell phone confirmation to work either.