Monday, August 06, 2007

of note

Justin Yoshida suffers a birthday-- his thirty-third. Next year, he can have his "I Outlived Jesus" party.

Nathan writes a thoughtful post on what makes dialogue with proselytizers a hopeless prospect. The followup post (which I haven't read yet) is here. Check out Nathan's amazing photos while you're at it.

Someone please convince Jelly that she doesn't need to shoot her blog.

I don't link to his blog nearly often enough, but Joshua at One Free Korea is an eloquent and powerful writer whose posts are always worth your time. His recent post on genocide is particularly arresting.

Richardson (to whom I also should link more) has a great post about one of my favorite subjects: reactions of North Korean defectors to South Korea. It can't be easy, finding yourself in another world after years of being told the South is a cesspool. Sure: many NK citizens know better than to believe the government's propaganda, but still, the bustling, vibrant, healthy reality of South Korea must shake many NKers to the roots.

Malcolm Pollack, yet another talented wordsmith, is pleasantly surprised by Barack Obama's views on foreign policy.


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