Monday, August 06, 2007

postal scrotum

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes in:

Hi Kevin,

How are you?

I was going to write you about the American media ignoring the South Korean hostage situation because they (the media) are a bunch of ding-dongs (which you addressed recently).

But I came across this Ampontan article that sums things up even better. He wrote a lengthy blog entry suggesting that Japanese nationals view American journalistic criticism of Japan be viewed as comedy... not a shabby idea. The blog entry focuses mainly on the New York Times, but the criticism applies to journalists in general.

Quotes, and a link to the article:

- "My suggestion for you is to consider the idea that there are just as many journalist-comedians overseas as there are in Japan."
- "So, think about my advice and don't get so upset at the newspaper. Take a tip from the rest of America. They've known for years that the Times is a joke."

Best regards,

Person of Mystery


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