Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Elisson's 10,000 words

I don't know Elisson personally, but I do enjoy his witty, hilarious blog, which is aptly named Blog d'Elisson. His blog's sidebar contains a section called "Yet More Self-aggrandizement," which appears to be devoted to quotes from other bloggers. I've been racking my brains for eons, trying to think of a quote to add to his sidebar, and then suddenly, this very evening, it came to me:

Elisson's blog: mysterious... like unraveling a turban and finding a dildo inside.

I'm writing this entry as an apology to Elisson, who deserves more blogological solidarity than I've given him. You see, something special happened a couple months ago, and I missed it. I'm not sure how I missed it... perhaps it passed under the radar because it happened in May, right before I was to fly over to the US in June, but the point is that Elisson (Peace Be Upon Him) published his book Shorts in a Wad, a compendium of one hundred 100-word short-short stories. I've ordered a copy for myself and plan to review it. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to click Elisson's ad, which I've stolen and displayed below. The ad takes you directly to the book's Amazon listing. Buy the book; review it on your blog or on Amazon; help Elisson spread the word.

A smaller version of the ad will also have a permanent place on my sidebar soon:

UPDATE: Elisson, I read your comment, and I think the change is for the better: feel free to replace "dildo" with "moist dildo."



Elisson said...

Harh! Kevin, you are too kind.

I have added your quote to my sidebar, whilst resisting the temptation to embellish it by describing the Turban-Dildo.

I'm thinking it'd be a moist dildo.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a whole new spin on the "Turbie-twist!" :)