Monday, August 20, 2007

a glimpse

My Level 2s' magazine is going to look pretty damn good, I think. Yeah, it's filled with Konglish, but it's still not a bad effort. I was particularly impressed by the pages done by the students with some graphics manipulation skills; the design and layout of their pages was, in most cases, fantastic. A couple students didn't put too much effort into their content, but overall, the magazine gets a thumbs-up.

Perhaps later on, I'll show you all the pages we did as a slide show, but for now, I'll show you the table of contents I did:

The students asked me to put myself in the table of contents, so there we are.



Anonymous said...

My favorites:

"I want an S-Line!"
"Romance in Phuket" (Aw yeah! ...yes, I know how to pronounce it, but it's so much more fun if I pretend that I don't)

I'm impressed.

Sean said...

What program are the students using for magazine layout? I taught a yearbook and newsletter course before where we used MSPublisher. really easy to use and very intuitive.