Thursday, August 16, 2007

the wisdom of my brother

My brother David writes regarding the planned hike:

Some birds tew consider for your walk:

1. US is big. There will most likely be many spots where you’ll be hundreds of miles away from any church, temple, etc. You’ll probably be camping out a lot in the middle of nowhere. Then you’ll be walkin’ hundreds of miles… without a place to stay, without food – unless yew want things shipped tew yew along the waie.

2. You should pre-plan your route and get approval from all of the places you plan on staying at in advance of your walk. I doubt all (many?) churches will accept a random, sweaty, homeless-looking person that proclaims to be on a religious walk on a “will work for temporary room & board and let’s talk about God, too” basis. Face it: you’ll look (and probably smell) like a homeless person and most small towns might call the cops!

3. Talking about smell – most churches don’t have showers. How will you bathe?

*More birds tew come.

Thanks, Big Boy. Good points to consider.


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Anonymous said...

Good advice, although I still think the trip is doable. One way of networking would be to get profiled by the local Christian papers (for example, in my part of the world there is the BC Christian Info News, a newspaper distributed freely in churches running the gamut from the United Church to the Catholics. Perhaps there are also similar things for the other religions. In any case, network, network, network.