Saturday, August 11, 2007

"D-War" explorations

A more interesting movie might have been...

I felt kinda' bad doing that to the poor dragon, which really was an impressive sight in the movie. And yes, I do realize that "Dewar's" isn't pronounced "dee-worz."

I had some other poster ideas, including:

1. "Do Wars": the dragon redone with a beehive hairdo

2. "D-Strap": either a dragon with a G-strap or a strap-on dildo

3. "D-Whores": erase the dragon and slap up a porn star instead

4. "D-Cup": pretty much the same thing

5. "D-Lish": erase the dragon and replace it with a food pic

6. "Tenacious D War": self-explanatory



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