Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hole and void

They've ripped up the street leading uphill to my dormitory in order to lay some new drainage pipe. The noise of construction echoes through the neighborhood; it's kind of neat, actually; my neighborhood's not that noisy. The middle of the street has been gutted and we dorm residents have to skirt our way carefully around the concrete chasm before we can reach our neighborhood's main street. Part of me wants the construction over with quickly, but part of me finds this too cool for words and would like the street to remain in its current strip-mined state.

On a completely unrelated note, I'd like to pass along a pleasant discovery in the Koreablogosphere: the blog Idiots' Collective, which I think has been around a while (oho-- since 2004!) but which merits your attention, especially if you're into travel writing. Travel writing is a genre I'm nowhere near mastering; I'm envious of those who do it well and Idiots' Collective provides some fine, lengthy essays about blogger Aaron's adventures, many of which offer piquant, Colin Fletcher-style observations about hiking. I often miss the evocative travel/religion essays by Andi Young (now Soen Joon sunim), and IC fills the yawning void she left. Go read IC. Soon to be blogrolled.


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Thanks for sending some of your traffic my way. I'll take every hit I can get.