Tuesday, August 07, 2007

deep question

When you consider the career arcs of most big stand-up comedians, do you ever come away with the impression that the stand-up comic's entire career is essentially one big audition for a movie role? It seems to work like this:

1. Do stand-up.
2. Become a big name in stand-up.
3. Land a role in a Hollywood comedy.
4. Become a big Hollywood name.
5. Do a little stand-up to stay in form (or just to "slum" by dishing at small, skanky venues).
6. Weather a backlash period as people get sick of your shtick.
7. Begin taking on "serious" movie roles in an effort to remake yourself and demonstrate yet more versatility.
8. Slide slowly into obscurity and irrelevance as the millstone of pop culture grinds on.

Does that about sum it up?

UPDATE: Malcolm responds.



Stafford said...

Robin Williams for $200 please Alex

Jelly said...

I have to disagree,...but I have to elaborate tommorrow.

Elisson said...

Only thing you left out is the optional steps at the end:

9. Say something really egregious and offensive, putting your career in jeopardy.

10. Make a half-hearted apology, of the form, "I'm sorry you're pissed off at me."

11. Watch as career really starts circling the drain.

12. Make more serious apology. Kiss any ass that may be presented to you.

13. Go into rehab.

14. Return to Step 8.