Friday, August 24, 2007

will we be partying today?

I was expecting a maximum of three students for today's Level 1 jjong-party, but one student has already sent me a text message saying she can't make it because she's meeting a friend she hasn't seen in years. Uh-huh. What she's really saying is, "This class has met from Monday through Thursday for eight weeks, and I can't stomach the thought of attending a Friday make-up class, especially if it's only for a party." Well... she won't receive a copy of the students' magazine, I guess. Not that it matters; their mag wasn't that great. (The Level 2s were cooing with delight about their magazine, which turned out amazingly well.)

I have a sneaking suspicion the other two Level 1 students won't be coming, either. Hey, fine by me-- more free time. One way or another, today marks the end of a hectic week. I was up until 4AM Thursday, at the office, finishing up the Photoshopping of the Level 1 magazine. I'm picking up the printed copies around 1PM today, and wonder who, among my students, will be there to receive a magazine.


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