Friday, March 01, 2013

job opportunity

My buddy Tom, newly a father and still looking out for his pal Kevin, has floated me an interesting job opportunity: proofreader for the Bank of Korea. The salary will vary anywhere from $3000 to $4000 per month (negotiable). Hours are 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. Sounds good, but there are questions. Do I really want to be part of corporate culture? Not sure. I've worked for a huge company before: SsangYong Paper Company, based in ritzy Yeouido, central Seoul. While I enjoyed the nice carpets, hi-tech talking elevators, "smart" electronic white boards, decent corporate lunches, and cute, well-dressed staffers, there was something stifling and stultifying about working in such a place. I can't stand office culture.

So do I whore myself out for the money and work at BOK for a year, then try to get a university job while in Korea? Maybe. Maybe fuck you, as Mark Wahlberg says in "The Departed."



John said...

It sounds like a good opportunity to make some cash, gets you back in the country, and positions you to find something that you really like.

I whored myself out to Uncle Sam for 34 long years. Sure, I lost my mind in the process but it was a small sacrifice.

Charles said...

We're all whores in one way or another.

Unknown said...

On the other hand, how's the alternative working out for you right now?

Kevin Kim said...


If, by "the alternative," you mean my current job, I'd say the current job is OK except for the pay and the weird-ass hours. I barely make enough to stay afloat, and I need to do more than that. I want to be comfortable, not treading water.

Unknown said...

We don't know each other personally, but I have that Korean X Chromosome like you so I have inherent problems with personal boundaries.

All kidding aside, I think you could use the mental space a more normal schedule and better financial security would afford you. Plus, you'd be back in a dense urban environment filled with examples of female pulchritude. That would probably help your mood by itself.

Nathan B. said...

Go for it!