Monday, March 18, 2013

nasal history repeats itself

Remember the story of the zit inside my nostril (almost as bizarre as the lip-zit story)?

Well... it's happening again. But this time, the zit's inside my left nostril. How sinister.

UPDATE: A photo! It took me quite a few tries, and a lot of patience, to capture the following image with my cell phone, a tiny flashlight, and a bathroom mirror. Ladies: this one's for you. I know you'll be fantasizing about that sexy, sexy whitehead long after you leave this blog for greener cyberpastures.


1 comment:

Aaron said...

Had one just inside my ear a few years back. Now that made for a noisy demolition project! Funny how certain pimples seem destined to live forever in our memories, eh? (I could, by the way, name a few others.)