Saturday, March 16, 2013

coming soon: a review of "The Hobbit"

I ordered "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" on iTunes a few days ago, and have seen it all the way through, along with the DVD extras. I plan to write a modest review of the film—after a second viewing—which certainly won't be as ambitious in scale as my buddy Charles's comprehensive review and analysis. In fact, what puzzles me is what I could possibly add to what Charles says in that piece. I'll find something, I'm sure. Stay thou tunèd.

One interesting bit of trivia, though: the actor who does the motion-capture work for the Goblin King is none other than Barry Humphries, whom most of the British world knows better as Dame Edna.



Sperwer said...

google Chrome (Mac) reports malware at Charles' site.

Charles said...

Hahna has alerted me to this. I wonder if it's a false alarm, as I do not run any third-party software and I have gone through my server for suspicious files and found nothing. I will be looking into it, though.