Monday, March 18, 2013

walk to Mordor

A tweet by Aaron McKenzie (of Idiots' Collective) sends me to this post, "Level Up Your Life with Nerd Fitness," at The Art of Manliness, from which I saw a link to this Nerd Fitness post inspired by Tolkien.

Which brings me to my own project. Unlike my brother Sean and my online friend John McCrarey, I haven't been exercising along with my diet, and this may be a major reason as to why I've stalled in the weight-loss department. I'm expecting, once again, not to have reached the ten-pound mark by tomorrow's weigh-in, and I've resolved that, whatever my weight might be tomorrow, I'm going to start exercising again. For me, that means walking, at least as far as the cardio goes. The strength and flexibility training will begin with phone-app exercises, then evolve into a full-on weightlifting and stretching program done at my apartment complex's tiny gym.

Bring on the pain.


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