Tuesday, March 26, 2013

shut of YB?

After a little more than two years of craziness, it may be that YB and I are definitively parting company. I emailed my supervisors last night about whether I could be granted a month's leave to go to Korea—and if not, then the email would have to count as my two weeks' notice. I got a reply this afternoon that was, well, valedictory (Ltn. vale = goodbye, dicere = say/tell) in tone—something along the lines of "we are extremely saddened to hear about your impending departure"—which leads me to believe that YB won't be guaranteeing me a job upon my return from my one-month sortie in Korea. Ah, well. It's no less than I had expected.

So now we move ol' Kevin into the next great phase of his existence. The world suddenly feels as if it's tilting wildly; everything's off-kilter; nothing is guaranteed. Life has been jolted forward again, like a conveyor belt that's just been unstuck. Forward, but into what?

Over the ledge, it seems.



John said...

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

And I avoid trite phrases like a plague.

Anyway, as our beloved President might say Forward!

John said...

Good luck Kevin!! I'm sure you will land on your feet over there.

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, John and John.