Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A popular fast food in Germany—arguably the most popular fast food—Currywurst is normally served steaming hot, with a mess of salty pommes frites. The Wurst is generally made with a mild sausage like Bratwurst, Knackwurst, or Kielbasa; it's cooked in an aromatic tomato sauce (often a glorified ketchup) that has a good bit of curry added to it, and once it's plucked out of the boil, it's seasoned with a pungent blend of curry, paprika, and whatever else might make the flavor unique.

My sauce, in which I dunked my brats for twenty minutes:

ketchup (2 cups)
sriracha (1/4 cup)
mayonnaise (1/8 cup)
mustard (dollop)
garlic powder
onion powder
curry (heaping tablespoon)



This experiment was a lot more successful than my previous attempt, which was a confused mess of Italian and Germanic influences.

Compare my results with this and this.

NB to the carb police: I didn't ingest all two cups of the ketchup. The sauce, as you see it in the photo, is a mixture of ketchup and other non-carby ingredients. At worst, the above represents perhaps one or two tablespoons' worth of sauce, with the ketchup's carb count at nearly three-quarter strength (full strength = 4g carbs per TBsp; Currywurst strength = 3g carbs, so about 6g carbs total).


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