Tuesday, March 12, 2013

stiffing update

So I was stiffed this past Friday, as you'll recall. I wrote YB's accounting department that day, but had to write a second time—today—to get a response. Here's what the lady wrote back (edited for privacy):

Dear, Kevin.

I am very sorry about late respond.
I got the answer from Ms. K******, we did add your working hours in ADP system but some how rate was not set up right.
We having a issues with ADP system right now and trying to work this out.
Your will get pay the difference amount on upcoming pay day (March 22nd).
Again I apologize for your inconvenience.
If you have any other questions, please contact me.
Thank you.

I suppose that's about the best anyone can hope for. I do wonder, though, whether "a issues with ADP system" means that other people were also stiffed. I should ask my coworkers.

Financially, what this means for me is that the next two weeks are going to be hellish. I'll have barely enough to survive on. But come March 22, my paycheck ought to be quite bloated with monetary goodness, and then in very early April, I'll get my regularly scheduled check for private tutoring. In the meantime, I've got to worry about the return of my Sallie Mae debt (in the neighborhood of $330/month). I may try for one last deferral (forbearance, really*), on the assumption that I'll have moved to Korea—and will be working a better-paying job—in the next few months.

*Deferrals are preferable to forbearances, as a forbearance takes the accrued interest during the deferred period and capitalizes it, i.e., piles it into the owed principal, thereby making both the principal and the interest higher in terms of raw numbers. But given how Sallie Mae works, deferrals are a lot harder to obtain than forbearances, which is why I'll likely be going for the latter. Again.


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