Saturday, March 23, 2013


So I took my car to the local shop, and once again, the guys seemed unwilling to do any repairs. This was good for my wallet but a bit disturbing for me: they seemed to be treating my problem as a non-problem. Because my car's dashboard "check engine" light came on, they took out their handy-dandy decoder box and hooked it up to my engine, and the error code that came up was "misfire on cylinders 2 and 4." They then reset the "check engine" indicator, told me to drive the car around a few minutes to see whether the warning light would come back on, and when it didn't, they sent me on my way, gratis, with a promise to call about an estimate re: fixing the stall-out problem.

So that's where things stand at the moment. I've got a car that stalls when the engine starts up from a cold state (and is immediately put in gear), and I'm waiting for a call from the shop regarding an estimate. At this point, I'm thinking of leaving the car at the shop on Sunday night, then walking home and letting the guys deal with it on Monday morning, after the car's had a chance to go cold. That'll give them a chance to experience the stall-out for themselves, and the problem will stop looking like a non-problem.

UPDATE, 7:04PM: No call about an estimate. For the moment, I suppose I'll drive the car until it freaks out and becomes undrivable.


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