Friday, March 29, 2013

at the dacha with the dawg

I'm in Alexandria again, dog-sitting for my brother Sean. As I texted Sean tonight, this is the first time I noticed how much his chihuahua, Maqz, resembles a penguin thanks to his black coat and white chest hair. The resemblance is especially strong when Maqz assumes his upright "Doberman guard dog" posture.

I'll be in Alexandria for three nights. On Friday afternoon, I'll be in DC to hang with my buddy Dr. Steve, who will be in town—making the drive from Bucks County, Pennsylvania—to present a paper on Saturday. This is going to be dicey: I normally refrain from eating after 3PM on Fridays so that I can digest my food and avoid having to poop while at work on Saturdays. I have a sinking feeling, though, that my Saturday is going to be rather painful, gastrically speaking. It's karma: I'll be paying a heavy price for my Friday revelry.


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