Saturday, March 02, 2013

kindness from afar

Reader and blog-friend Hahna is very kindly sending me a spanking-new 750GB hard drive that she suddenly doesn't need. That, folks, is amazing. This will help me download all my data into a bigger space before my monitor finally kicks it.

As for that monitor... the lighting problem seems mostly to affect the top third of my screen: the screen's bottom is still bright, but the top is dark, producing a weird gradient effect. I poked around online for possible causes; it turns out the "Mac monitor flicker" problem is fairly widespread. Most advice from experts and semi-experts seems to be that the problem comes down to a faulty inverter (see here re: fixing inverters on regular monitors). I may have to take my Mac either to a proper Mac repair shop or to the repair shop in town, since I'm no expert in repairing computers.

Meantime, a big THANK YOU to Hahna for her kind gift. Hahna often sends me amazing gifts, and I can't say that I've ever done anything for her. Hugs, Hahna.


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