Tuesday, March 19, 2013

l'échec (the failure)

My brother David insisted that I should try to make eggplant pasta. Eggplant flesh, when raw, is spongy and white. When cooked, it's as translucent and sodden as any squash. Despite knowing this, I decided to try spiral-cutting and cooking some eggplant pasta to go with my spaghetti sauce. The results you see below:

Blech. The "pasta" was mushy and almost tasteless. Eggplant is better when baked or deep-fried, and I have to say that spiral-cutting didn't work well with this vegetable, which is much too pliable and squirmy under the blade. Next time around, I'll fry that puppy. In fact, if I fry it to a sufficiently stiff and crunchy state, I might almost have an analog for nacho chips. Can eggplant nachos be far behind?


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