Saturday, March 09, 2013

stiffed again

My relationship with YB continues to deteriorate: YB's accounting office has once again failed to pay me for the 24 hours of extracurricular work I had done over the past pay period. You may recall that this same problem happened to me last year, not long after my car accident. I've already shot an email over to Accounting, as well as to the Big Boss, in the hopes of lighting a fire under all their asses. We'll see what comes of this.

I'm souring on the whole YB experience. The list of grievances continues to grow. This is the second time I've been stiffed, now, and there's still the bitter memory of YB's attempt to require me to attend last year's Christmas party. Those problems, along with other annoyances, are signs that the time is coming to uproot and move on. Here's hoping the Bank of Korea contacts me for an interview sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: I sent my email to the Big Boss and to Accounting at 1:44PM. It's now 6:27PM, and... nothing.


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