Thursday, March 28, 2013

departure date fixed

My buddy Tom has come through with a plane ticket for me, and I'll be leaving for Seoul on April 18. My final day of work at YB will be Saturday, April 6. I plan to spend April 7 to April 17 getting a lot of paperwork done, especially the collection and apostilling of documents like my diplomas, official transcripts, FBI background check, etc.

Lots to do.



Lee Farrand said...

Great! Korea beckons.
As for lodging, I would recommend a goshiwon for a month. It's a divine experience to be embraced ('facing the wall').

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks. It appears I've already got lodgings, though: a friend of a friend's daughter is out of the country, so I'll be staying at her apartment for the month. A goshiweon would certainly offer me an austere experience, though.