Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Health Update: Day 40

Bad news, Poison Girls: the weight went up to 294.0. That's a 2.5-pound gain. Apparently, a lot of us are having a bad week. John McCrarey just noted his own 1.5-pound gain, and Charlie Martin, whose cat just died, isn't happy about his lack of progress (a net gain of about a pound after five weeks of increased exercise on top of his low-carb diet).

So... the goal of reaching ten pounds has slipped out of my grasp this week. Like John, I think I can attribute weight gain to the amount I've been eating, not to the smuggling-in of extra carbs. I still remain processed-sugar-free; whatever carbs I'm ingesting are likely coming in through veggies and nuts. I admit that I should probably eat more leafy greens, but I've had plenty of greens over the past week.

Let's chalk this up to a Bad Hair Week and move on, shall we? And let's make it official that, when I finally hit the ten-pound-loss mark, I'll begin exercising. As for the exercise: cardio will consist of what I do best, which is walking. On the muscle-development side, I'm going to start by mastering my phone apps, of which I have several:

•Daily Ab Workout (up to 10-minute workout)
•Daily Arm Workout (up to 10-minute workout)
•Daily Butt Workout (up to 10-minute workout)
•Pushups (up to 125 in a row)—I'll start with girl pushups, master that, then restart with regular pushups
•Situps (up to 250 in a row)
•Squats (up to 250 in a row)

The one app I didn't mention above was JE Fit, which is all about using gym equipment, like a universal, to do one's routines. That app is a complete program in itself; I don't plan to start using it until I've mastered the above-mentioned apps.

In the meantime, can I lose three pounds by next week? We'll see.



Elisson said...

Careful with nuts. They have protein and healthy fats, but they're still mighty calorific... and calories do matter.

Green veggies, that's the ticket.

And keep in mind that lots of exercise will build muscle, which is denser than fat. It will slow your progress at the scale (while improving your measurements).

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, that's pretty much the comment I left at John McCrarey's place. That last part about fat/muscle, anyway.

John said...

It's frustrating for sure to deny yourself what you most crave and then see no reward in weight reduction.

I know I should reduce portion size and move more. It was a nice dream to eat as much (low carb/high fat) as you want, sit in front of the computer, and magically lose pounds. Alas.

Keep on it Kevin. We'll get there.