Thursday, April 04, 2013

"Are you not entertained?"

And now, a pic of one of my Wednesday scourges: Maximus. The boy is either bipolar or suffers from a low-grade form of multiple personality disorder. Sometimes he's angelic and very easy to work with; at other times, he's moody and recalcitrant, and has to be brought out of his funk for us to make any headway at all. Lately, I've found that allowing him to see certain teacher-approved YouTube videos from off my phone can be quite therapeutic. I did this with him yesterday, in fact, as we talked about what shapes a robot could take. Maximus, quite naturally, said that, when he imagined a robot, he imagined something humaniform: with a head, body, and limbs. So I showed him a YouTube vid of a snake-shaped swimming robot developed by Japanese scientists.

Without further ado, the kid who helps trouble my Wednesdays:

I'll see about getting a pic of Iblis.


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